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respect and admiration given to someone or something, usually because of a reputation for high qualitysuccess, or social influence

Since it's inception, it has been my goal to take The Pampered Peach to great heights, first on my own as a lone business woman. Then, as a pair with my best friend and sister in law. Now, as a team of 3 and a community of clients who have helped us grow through their continued friendship and loyalty.

And I want you to have that, too.

Prestige: The Business of Body Sugaring is a two day in person course that will prepare you to become a successful Sugaring Specialist, whether you have big dreams or humble aspirations, we want to help you achieve your goals in this industry.


The Method

Hair Physiology

Infection Prevention

Getting Started

Business & Marketing

Client Acquisition





Bikini & Brazilian

Full Legs

and more


...and a lifetime of mentorship...


Pampered Peach Summer 2022-116.jpg

Rachel Bertrand

Pampered Peach Summer 2022-173.jpg

Camillia Bertrand

With 10+ years of combined experience, Rachel and Camillia are excited to

share their vast knowledge of the industry with new minds ready to step into their

own Sugaring Journey.

Rachel also has a Degree in Graphic Design and spent 5+ years in the industry. gaining the experience needed to guide you in creating your brand identity. 


If you would like to register for the course or require more information, please email us at

or text us at 905-327-0537

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