Re-Opening Update

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Hello Peaches!

We are anxiously awaiting a guaranteed open date from the Ontario Provincial Government. The current framework indicates that Step 2 will begin 21 days after we enter Step 1. This puts Personal Service Settings such as ours booking appointments for as early as July 2nd.

However, we have been previously fooled by given dates for re-opening. This has created such a hesitancy to open our online booking as we do not want to get your hopes up just to let you down.

Please stay tuned to our Instagram @thepamperedpeach for up to date information regarding our ability to re-open and booking procedure.

All clients with cancelled appointments from April to June will be notified first via blast SMS and Email. You will be given 24 hours to book your appointments before we open it up to everyone else. We want to ensure that everyone is scheduled fairly. Please remember when booking your Patat, all clients will be booking the FIRST Patat as it has yet again been 3 months. So whether you have shaved, left it, waxed it or trimmed it, we will have our work cut out for us.

We know how hard it has been, and that you are in a furry hurry to get booked!

We can't wait to see your beautiful faces, and to connect with you one on one again. It has been too long. Rachel | Camillia | Steph | Gurps


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