Getting ready for your appointment

It is important to be prepared for your first appointment with us.

It is best to book your appointment after your menstrual cycle when your body is less sensitive. Before your appointment, avoid Epsom salt baths, and moisturizers, and sun exposure for 24 hours. We cannot SugarBrig you if you have a severe sunburn.

Ensure that your hair growth is at least two weeks, to allow the hair to come away from the blood supply so that the hair removal will be less sensitive. Ideal hair growth is 1/4 of an inch, however SugarBrig can remove hair up to 1/16th of an inch - No tweezing!

If you feel it is necessary due to your particular level of sensitivity you may take an anti-inflammatory before attending, or a non-drowsy Benadryl if your body produces a lot of histamines (common in fair haired or red-haired individuals.)

If you are coming for treatment in preparation for an event (wedding etc) we recommend having at least two appointments prior to the event so that you know how your skin will react before proceeding with the pre-event service.

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