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Covid-19 Safety

As the pandemic continues we are dedicated to providing a safe and reliable experience at The Pampered Peach. All staff and clients are screened prior to entry and required to wear a mask. Once you have booked your appointment either online or via text/phone, you will receive a confirmation text 24 hours prior to your session that contains a link to complete your covid-19 screening. If you do not wish to create an account, you can request that we complete this screen with you over the phone prior to entry.

There are multiple bottles of hand sanitizer throughout the salon, and we use them frequently between clients and regular hand washing.

The salon is vacuumed and floors washed prior to opening and closing. High touch surfaces (washroom, doors, cash desk and devices) are disinfected at minimum twice during working hours and again prior to opening and at closing.

We do not allow entry without a proper face covering, and ask that you disinfect your hands upon entry and prior to using our debit machines. Product can be seen but is kept behind closed doors so that we may be your personal shoppers!

All staff are required to wear a new apron with each client. Rooms and beds are disinfected between each client. New linens are provided for each client. And of course we wash our hands before and after treating each client as we always have.

All staff is trained in Infection Prevention and Control as per Ontario Public Health.

We have additional procedures in place should we ever find ourselves in a situation that requires prompt action to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

We look forward to seeing you again soon, stay safe!

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