Brigitte, the OG SugarBrig™

Hi, I'm Brigitte. I love being around people. I always speak from the heart and love helping others to find the courage to stay positive and to believe in themselves. I don’t think, I just do, and that’s my motto.

I became a single mom at the age of 29 raising three beautiful children under the age of 6, it was difficult but I always told myself and my children “You can feel sorry for yourself for 24 hours, but after that get off the fence and start a new day with an improved attitude.” Next thing you know I was opening my own salon and teaching hair removal and my baby SugarBrig™ was born. I trademarked SugarBrig™ along with the Patat™ (more than a bikini).

I needed to let people know that my technique stood apart from sugaring and waxing and that’s when my SugarBrig™ technique, a less painful method of hair removal, was released. You don’t feel the paste being applied and when you flick it feels like a Band-Aid being removed. Our paste is 100% organic and exfoliates your skin while removing your hair with the natural direction of hair growth, causing less breakage, and allowing the hair to return more sparse and more thin.

You will see these results after your first appointment! The Patat™ is trademarked because it is so addictive. It’s not like the Brazilian and it’s not like the LA. Once you get a Patat™ done by a SugarBrig™ practitioner you always come back because the Patat™ is where it’s at! I am the original Brigitte.

For over 25 years I’ve trained others to become SugarBrig™ practitioners. I love seeing them have their dreams realized and looking towards a brighter more successful future of financial independence and wellbeing. Many people say my love and passion for what I do definitely shines through in my work and now you can use what I’ve built to help you build your own successful practice. The course is a two-day hands-on training experience, with minimal book work. Day three – well that’s the beginning of your own wonderful SugarBrig™ practice.

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