our mission

We are incredibly passionate about creating a safe space for everyone. This means that we are warriors for BODY POSITIVITY and INCLUSIVITY.  All Body's Deserve Love.


We strive to create an environment where everyone can feel comfortable in their own skin by offering services for ALL humans. This includes making our service menu as gender diverse as possible. Your journey is important to us, and if we can help you feel more like yourself, we would be ABSOLUTELY honoured.

the technique

Our paste is 100% organic and exfoliates your skin while removing your hair with the natural direction of hair growth, causing less breakage, and allowing the hair to return more sparse and more thin. The paste is applied cool to your skin, reducing the risk of burning or skinning. You will see these results after your first appointment!

the patat

The Patat™ is our name for full hair removal from the female intimate area. This term was trademarked by Brigitte (the OG SugarBrig™) to compliment her gentle hair removal technique and set us apart from the pain associated with terms like Brazilian, LA, Hollywood etc. that are commonly used by those who wax or sugar.

When you book the Patat™ with The Pampered Peach you will notice the SugarBrig™ difference!




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